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This driver is currently compatible with the Roland UA30 and the Swissonic USB Studio D. (Swissonic has licensed this driver and it is available from their website.)

This driver includes " USB-audio support for ASIO compatible applications like Cubase, Logic Audio, etc."

Some of the features it offers are:

- 32KHz, 44.1 KHz and 48 KHz sampling rate support
- 16 bit, 20 bit and 24 bit sample resolution possible
- ASIO 2 support and ASIO 1 compatible
- Dithering (e.g. for use of a 16bit input within a 24bit application, or vice versa)

According to the information on the site: "If you buy the driver, you're qualified for the next updates, next one's scheduled for the beginning of July 2000." and will include "Support for almost every interface on the market, True hot-plugging, Support for multiple USB-audio interfaces plugged into the same system."

Hmmm, MR is currently preparing a review of the Swissonic Studio D and so far we haven't discovered any issues. We would be interested to hear from anyone using the Roland UA30 with this USB-ASIO driver.

Newer Technology offers the iMAX G3 iMac upgrade solution!

Feeling the need for more speed? Indulge those urges with NewerTechs lastest upgrade solution. [MORE]

Coming soon from Tascam

US-428 Controller

"A whole new product for a whole new generation of musicians. The US-428, designed in collaboration between TASCAM and Frontier Design Group, adds the ease of analog-style inputs, transport and EQ controls to your computer-based MIDI/Hard Disk recording system. And it comes bundled with professional sequencing software. But here's the best part: because it's a USB device, you can hot-plug it to your PC or tools, no cards to install."

Tascam reports the US-428 Controller will be available in May 2000 at a U.S. list price of $599.

Digital Harmony Pushes Home FireWire further.
Digital Harmony's controlling middleware and GUI, the Digital Harmony Composer, can be run on iMac DV (from MacWorld SF 2k plus more from CES Las Vegas).

Swissonic USB Studio D

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The Next Generation
You've all probably read a lot about the new iMacs. You also know that it was somewhat surprising for Apple to split the product into three variations; Blueberry on a shoestring, Flavors with DV and the #1 iMac choice (for now) iMacDV SE.

MR's Associate Editor and Spin Director Cris Dunnam has his first take (and lust@heart) for what he calls to be the future of home project studios; thanks to FireWire. Check out "Let me stand next to your Fire . . . for under$2k!"

Griffin Technology announces iMic USB audio adapter for iBook.
Griffin Technology will be releasing the iMic™ universal audio adapter for Apple's new iBook computers. The Company plans to ship when iBook ships.

iBook:'s First Impressions- Speculations and suitability . . . we love it as a second machine on the go.

MIDI on your Bondi iMac Today!
Tired of waiting for USB-MIDI vaporware drivers or USB-to-MIDI serial adapters? welcomes "Jag" to our editorial staff as he checks out Griffin Technologies iPort, an amazingly effective way to add a serial port to your original Rev/A or /B ("Bondi") iMac!