We're calling this act the greatest Mac-using band that never existed. Nellie & the Drummers are so totally consumed with the music making capabilities of the Mac that they actually exist only within that environment.

As the brainchild of Minneapolis based composer/artist Reed Waller, Nellie & the Drummers are not real in the sense of a traditional rock & roll band. Waller has managed to create this act completely on his G3 PowerMac using some very Mac technologies. No real instruments or voices can be found in this project, it's all Mac!

Waller calls the musical style "Historical Pop (mixture of 60s-80s pop and rock with traditional pop/Big Band)" and although the band's avatars resemble Gwar, "they don't sound like it."

All vocals generated on computer with text-to-speech synth and quicktime synth for instruments. The characters/band members were created with various 3D animation applications and I notice a little QuickTimeVR thrown in on their web site for good mesure.

Nellie & the Drummers first CD "'Live' at the Slaughterhouse" due for independent release soon and several tracks can be heard in their entirety on the Nellie website. Nellie videos are in production and will be completed early in 1999. Downloadable and/or Shockwave versions will appear on the website as they are available.

Waller was good enough to send a demo our way and we have to admit, we are more impressed with the origins of this project than some of the material. Some songs remind us of sci-fi love themes others seem good enough for top 40 release. The computer generated voices may be a little destracting, but how many PeeCees do you know that can sing?

We fully encourage Reed Waller in the pursuit of this project. As well we promt you to check out Waller's site and future projects. This is a true example of what can be done with a lot of effort, creativity and oh yeah, a PowerMac. Home Portal

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