new Rock nellie: iMacRockers
Published: 1/1999
A band of kids from the Oregon coastal town of Astoria. According to their web site ( made on an iMac) "Astoria is the kind of town that all those people on 'COPS' move to after they were arrested on national television."

nRn makes no apologies or excuses about their age or level of sophistication. "Our goal is to see how much dr. pepper & sweet tarts a human can digest and still play music, (without dying first)."

"We just wanna do what way too many people take way too seriously and still have massive amounts of fun." Anyone how has had "garage band" experience can remember those days; smile and nod knowingly.

The big difference between we old farts and this young, energetic trio is they have the advantage of producing, recording & mastering their own CD's -- what's more is nRn has the opportunity to market themselves and their product to a world wide market. They do this all with a magic box that costs about the same as a good quality guitar and amp combo.

Why, in my day...ahem...there was no such magic box, nor CD's. We had crappy tape and microphones we stole from Radio Shack -- and we liked it that way, we liked it just fine!

But can they play that cool-ass "Louie, Louie/Wild Thing/Hang on Sloopy" medley?

Who cares? These guys are probably too cool for that. In fact, MR was surprised the returned our e-mail.

These kids rock! Even if they become stock brokers or commercial artists when they "grow up" they will carry with them a part of their soul that rocks. This is what keeps the weasel population in check in the "real world."

Seventeen year old Graig "Grandpa" Baker, who has reported to have an abnormal fear of frozen CO2, plays guitar. Drummer Jona "Nellie" Bechtolt, 18 yrs old. Peach Peachington is 17 yrs old & likes 900 numbers. "He used to be really cool, & all the girls liked him, but now he's kinda weird." He plays the bass like a madman & occasionally sings a word or two.

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